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The Last Home of Samurai
“Hino City”

Hino City is famous for “Takahatafudoson Kongoji” with 1,100 yrs of history and one of the finest zoos in Japan; “Tama Zoological Park”. The city is also known as the home of “Shinsengumi”; the last group of Samurais and there are many documents about them stored in the city.

From Shinjuku to Hino station, it’s about 30 mins by Chuo line. To Takahatafudo station, it’s about 32 mins by Keio line.

“Shinsengumi”; the Last Samurai

In Edo period, Japan was closed and samurais were in power. However, near the end of it (mid 19th century), Western forces started to enter the country and the power of shogunate weakened causing deterioration of public safety. In Kyoto, anti-shogunate forces became active causing extreme chaos. “Shinsengumi” was a special force organized to strive for better public safety.

Shinsengumi is a group of young samurais who believed in shogunate and devoted themselves to loyalty.

Hino City is the place where the sub-captain of Shinsengumi; Toshizo Hijikata and Genzaburo Inoue were born and the main figures of the group such as Isami Kondo and Souji Okita spent their youth.

World Popular Anime “Hakuoki”


“Hakuoki” is a romantic adventure game with Shinsengumi figures created for women by IDEA FACTORY Co., Ltd as a part of “Otomate”; a game brand especially for women. The game is now seen in anime too, and it has become quite popular in and outside of Japan.

That said, the game is collaborating with Hino City; a place of a deep connection with Shinsengumi. Main characters from the game appear on this website and also in tourist brochures of the city.